Since 1995, PTAC clients have attributed more than $2.2 billion in government contract awards to the technical assistance provided by the San Diego, Orange, Imperial PTAC. Over 13,333  jobs have been created or retained as a result of these awards.

In Fiscal Year 2021, our clients received over $198.3 million in contract awards. This equates to nearly 1322 jobs, assuming that $150,000 in sales is needed for each job reported. During this period, PTAC provided 2,825 initial and follow-up counseling sessions to 878 clients, totaling 3,198 hours; 299 of these clients were new clients of the Center. Additionally, PTAC sponsored and/or participated in 86 workshops and outreach events, reaching 3,148 participants.

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There are over 135 federal, state and local government agencies in the San Diego County area who spend billions of dollars each year on all types of goods and services. However, only 35% to 40% of that spending is done with businesses located in San Diego County.

We hope to increase this percentage by helping San Diego small businesses participate in more government procurements. Through individual counseling and workshops, PTAC assists small businesses to understand how to work with government agencies and prime contractors.

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